July 31, Treasures: a Sunday Scriptures blog

Do you think humans have advanced any morally since the time of Jesus? This weekend’s Scriptures make me wonder! They could be news stories from today’s world. Greed today, as in Jesus’ day, leads to embezzlement and Ponzi schemes, estrangements in families over inheritances, the inequity between the wealthy and the poor, graft and corruption in governments, simple hoarding, and on and on. It is important to remember that Jesus is not against being rich. It is greed that is the problem. Greed is desire on steroids, wanting more and more of what makes us happy, makes life worth living. So this Gospel asks us: What do I treasure? What makes me happy really? What do I want to be rich in? Hopefully it is relationships with God and others; deep appreciation of nature and beauty; health; leisure; good family and good neighbors; gifts and talents; generosity and compassion; freedom; enjoyment of art, music, literature; integrity; friends; good memories; peace; and winning sports teams! What would you add to the list of things you want to be rich in? Is desire for material things overtaking any of the things you truly value?

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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