April 24, Divine Mercy: a Sunday Scriptures blog

In 2000, Pope St. John Paul established the Second Sunday of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday. Every year we hear the same Gospel on this Sunday, the one in which the apostle Thomas encounters the Risen Christ. Thomas, who happened to be gone when Jesus appeared to the other apostles, has trouble believing them when they say that Jesus really is risen. The risen Lord suddenly appears to them all again, and He invites Thomas to touch His wounds. Notice that detail. We might expect the body of the risen Lord to look perfect, but the wounds of crucifixion are still there, and Thomas is invited to touch them. It is a tender scene. Each of us carries the wounds of life, just as the Risen Lord still did. We are called to participate in the healing mission of Jesus by having merciful eyes to see the woundedness of people, of our culture, of our very earth. How have I experienced being healed of my wounds? Who have the healers been in my life? What opportunities is God presenting to me, to help apply the healing, merciful love of God to things and people right around me? Good questions for Divine Mercy Sunday.

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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