October 10: Wealth, a Sunday Scriptures blog

Once a wealthy man was regaling me with how many hours he spends opening the multitudes of appeals he gets in the mail — and the ways he decides among them. He gives several thousand dollars a week to various appeals. Then he added, with great seriousness, that a concern of his heart was whether it would be better to give more money to just one charity each week rather than to give small donations to many. What impressed me was that not giving at all never entered his mind. He was blessed, he said, and his heart was torn between the many appeals for help. What also impressed me is that he also gives huge amounts of time (and money) to a local homeless project. The Gospel story on Sunday is of the rich young man. We all know his problem — he believed he kept all the commandments but could not part with his wealth. No matter what our economic situation, we are all wealthy in so many ways. We have listening ears to give to those who need hearing, we have energy to help when just the smallest thing can make a difference, we have gifts and talents we can share, we have words we can say that heal and uplift, we have surplus time. There is not any commandment that tells us to do these things! There is only Jesus’ example of giving everything of himself away to us. Will we grasp what we have, a little or a lot, or generously share our privacy and security and time and energy and resources — our wealth?

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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  1. Jerry & Mary Ann Bowers

    Congratulations to Sr Mi-kyoung. and to the entire congregation.

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