May 30: Trinity Sunday, a Sunday Scriptures blog

Richard Rohr reminds us that the Cappadocian Fathers (Gregory of Nyssa, Basil of Caesarea and Gregory Nazianzen) said: “Don’t start with the One and try to make it into Three, but start with the Three and see that this is the deepest nature of the One.” When we speak of Trinity, then, we are speaking of three divine ways of loving us that God reveals to us through Scripture and through the divine actions that we all experience. God loves us with a “fatherly” love of creating, out of which we and every other thing emerge. God loves us with a saving love of healing and repairing and divinizing ourselves and our world. And God loves us with a sustaining love that accompanies and comforts us as we journey through time and that welcomes us into eternity. God is love, John the Evangelist incessantly proclaims. Today’s feast of the Holy Trinity gives us a chance to see the depth and scope of this Divine Love as we meditate on the word-symbols that describe it: Father, Son, Spirit.

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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