Spring beauties

One of the Sisters I live with has taken to exclaiming each morning as she leaves the house: “Oh, the golden daffodils!” They are there every spring, but it seems this year they are getting more notice. Perhaps it is because of the long year of the pandemic where nothing seemed to be the “normal” we expect in our lives. Yet nature continues its regular rhythm, and it is now time for the daffodils (and hyacinths and scilla) to bloom even if the frost might cover the lawn some mornings, or snowflakes fly.

In “normal” times, the course of nature can become so routine that we become immune to what is around us. It can take something as drastic as a pandemic for us to slow down enough to see the beauty around us. Perhaps we can find in this a blessing of being shut down and shut in: We’ve had to slow down. This has allowed us the necessary pause to look around, take in our surroundings and find there a much-needed escape so that we can continue on.

Spring in the northern hemisphere is almost synonymous with Easter. So look around and see the promise of resurrection in your own backyard, or a neighbor’s. Give thanks to the Good God, the Risen Son, who blesses us with beauty.

— Blog entry and photo by Sister Joyce Lehman

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  1. Sister Joyce Lehman , I, love the Blog entry and Photo, by you. This Spring, is special it has been a long year because of the Corvid Virus. I, am a Cousin of Sister Joyce Langhals, Joyce, is a special Cousin. Take Care ! Mary Langhals

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