Lenten Glory

Several days of bright sunshine are the perfect invitation to get outdoors, even if the wind still carries the chill of late winter. I had accepted the invitation and was returning to the house after picking up some trash that littered the roadside. As I approached the front door my eye was caught by a blast of color next to the steps. Nestled in the winter detritus of the flower bed were two mini-irises in full bloom: lenten purple elegance touched by tiny tongues of gold. Apparently the steps had protected them from the winter blasts and the south-facing flower bed held enough of the sun’s warmth that they figured it was time to show their glory. What a wonderful reminder that after winter, after a year of pandemic, life and living will win out. The glory of God is the person fully alive.

— Blog entry and photo by Sister Joyce Lehman

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  1. Sister Joyce Lehman, I, love this photo of the two mini- irises in full bloom: Spring is almost here it has been a long winter . Easter Sunday will be the First Sunday, in April , when Jesus rose from the dead what a special day ! Take Care ! Love, Mary Langhals

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