First Sunday of Lent, February 21: Treasure, a Sunday Scriptures blog

Lent might seem a somewhat severe season, but our readings today are positive and uplifting. The opening prayer might be a purpose statement for Lent — that we may grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ…. In the brief Gospel, Jesus leaves the desert to announce to us the good news: the kingdom of God is at hand. The first reading about Noah’s ark tells us about God’s covenant of faithful love for us — and for all the creatures of the earth — with the rainbow as nature’s reminder of God’s promise. The epistle tells us that baptism makes it possible for us to keep our part of the covenant, despite our sometimes being sinful, because of the power of Jesus’ resurrection. Resurrection is the ultimate rich and beautiful mystery hidden in Christ. May the days and weeks of Lent bring us the growth in understanding of that mystery and of all the other riches hidden in Christ, waiting for us to find!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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