Last Rose of Summer

As we moved deeper into fall, I started hedging my bets. Every couple of days I picked one or two rose buds in the event that the fall’s first freeze would bring the bloom season to an end. This was a particularly advantageous summer for our pink roses. They bloomed in abundance, bringing us real delight.

It was the inevitable imminent absence of that beauty that prompted my impulse not to miss that last hurrah. While there were several frosts and even one hard freeze, the roses continued to bear new buds and flowers. Finally, one day I brought in the last three little buds which had somehow escaped the deadly effects of the cold. I placed them in a vase in the area of our house where we daily pray morning and evening prayer. Soon the buds began to open, and before long, their deep rose pink faded to the pale pink of the mature flower. Their beauty gradually passed and they finally went into our compost bin.

So my attempts to squeeze out that last little bit of summer pink has come to an end. Except that I intentionally enjoyed and celebrated the beauty God has given us. Now it is time to let go and with open hands accept what comes next.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Joyce Lehman

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  1. Sister Joyce Lehman, This is a nice Photo, of a Pink Rose !

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