May 10: Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day falls on my great-aunt’s birthday. Ella Dolan was “Auntie” to my mother’s generation and later to mine. Never married, she nursed my sickly grandmother and kept house for the family. She was the one who cooked Sunday dinner for the whole clan; made sure that, on someone’s birthday, the other children also got a present; listened when a child had a gripe or a problem; and gave disinterested advice. She fed the neighborhood during the Depression (my grandfather had a job) and sent us kids down the block with Sunday dinners for a shut-in and her nurse. She knew everyone in town and had an informed opinion about everything, which she would gladly share. She taught me that a person doesn’t have to have children to be a mother. And doesn’t have to be canonized to be a saint.

– Blog entry by Sister Paula Gero  


  1. Awesome post Paula. You captured her spirit perfectly!

  2. Beautiful sentiment and so true. Makes me think of our families beloved Sister Rosalie, such a sweet soul. 💕🙏

  3. Bernadette Gero

    Beautiful remembrance of our Auntie. ❤️

  4. Amen, Paula, right on the money

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