A New Year – 2020

It’s amazing how many references there are to looking at the new year and hoping that it will lead to 20/20 vision. Seeing perfectly is an ideal (glasses, contacts, surgery) and few of us have it, more so as we grow older. Perfect visioning is also an ideal; few have it, but unlike the solitary action of seeing with our eyes, visioning is an action best done in community. What we want from a new year — peace, harmony, hope, safety, security, friendship, opportunities to be and become — come not from individual efforts alone, but from a human community that protects not only individual rights but also the common good.

If we want to have perfect visioning, as we grow in age, growth in shared wisdom will make our visions become real. No one has all of the wisdom; all of us have some of the wisdom, and it is our responsibility to share our wisdom (corollary: No one has the right to “shove” wisdom on others.)

May 2020 be a year when our shared wisdom allows us to have 20/20 sight and insight into our common humanity and our hope for the good of all.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Joyce Lehman

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