Reconciliation, redemption and resurrection

Most Catholics have heard of the Franciscans, Dominicans and Benedictines. The Franciscans work for the poor and the Dominicans are preachers. Benedictines are known for their contributions to liturgy. Fewer Catholics have heard of “Precious Blood Spirituality” and even less know what it means.

A year ago, I introduced our spirituality as a mystery. While that remains true, I’d like to try to articulate it a bit more.

Precious Blood Spirituality is a way of living that focuses on reconciliation, redemption and resurrection. It is the Eucharist that consoles, grounds and motivates us. We know that Christ’s blood was shed so we all may experience reconciliation, redemption and resurrection. It was Christ’s blood that was given as a gift and the promise of unity with God. It was Christ’s death that allows us to live. Christ took what was broken, sinful and to be feared and turned it into a triumph, a victory, a beginning.

So, we too enter into the suffering, the pain and the injustice of the world. We experience it alongside those we walk with. We work to bring light, hope, and meaning to the pain. We see injustices as hopeful moments for Christ to triumph. We see pain as the opportunity for a new beginning. We do not dismiss the suffering, but embrace it as a means of wholeness. We do the difficult work of reconciliation in hopes of living a life of redemption.

Our spirituality is one that encompasses all of life. We don’t do just one particular ministry or serve one particular group of people. Our spirituality is how we operate in whatever career, ministry or community we are called to be in. We wake up every day, striving to be the “Precious Blood” in the world, offering ourselves up, broken, poured out and shared for all.

We hope to offer ourselves in the same way, giving completely of ourselves in hopes that others may live.

– Blog entry by Jenna Legg

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