April 14, Palms: a Sunday Scriptures blog

I’m planning to move to Dayton in a couple months, and one thing I will miss is palm trees. Many of the 150 kinds of palm trees grow here in California and along the streets I walk. I will miss seeing the beautiful palm weavings our Hispanic vendors hawk outside our churches on Palm Sunday, the lovely palm arches created for the Palm Sunday Mass, and the way even people who don’t even attend Mass very often, come on this day to receive palms. Palms are symbol connectors to the mystery of Jesus’ death and its transformative power in our souls. Palms give me pause. I think about the crowd who strewed them before Jesus and then a little later, cried out for his death. They remind me that I am part of that crowd. I pledge this and that kind of faithfulness to the Lord, but I fall away — from praying more, from being more compassionate, less judgmental, whatever … I take a palm again this year anyway, to remind me that Jesus loves a fickle giver too!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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  1. You are still such a beautiful woman. Your insights have a universal wisdom. I love that God loves us fickle givers. No palm trees in Michigan, but when God closes a door…you know. Love you.

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