February 10, Calls: a Sunday Scriptures blog

Last week we heard God calling Jeremiah the prophet. This week our Hebrew Scripture reading describes the call of another prophet, Isaiah. In our second reading from Corinthians, Paul marvels at his call. Then in our Gospel, Jesus affirms Simon by choosing his boat for the “miraculous catch of fish” and tells Simon that henceforth his new vocational call “will be catching men.” Notice that in each of these call situations, reassurance is given. Jeremiah is told, “They will fight against you but not prevail over you.…” Isaiah protests that he is not worthy, but an angel purifies him so that he says, “Here I am, send me!” Paul tells his readers he is not fit to be an apostle, but then he adds, “His grace to me has not been ineffective.” And when Simon (Peter) confesses his unworthiness, Jesus says, “Do not be afraid!” Through these call readings, our lectionary invites us to reflect on our own calls. We all have times when we think we cannot do it, we cannot bear the troubles our calls include, or meet the challenges. We dream of escape. Have you had those times? Are you in one now? Picture Jesus in the boat with you saying, “Do not be afraid.”

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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