August 5, Instant Gratification – a Sunday Scriptures blog

instant-gratificationParents and grandparents know how hard it is for children to wait. But actually, it is hard for all of us! Research tells us that computer games and casinos allure us by cleverly syncing with our brains to give us pleasure now! But a purpose-driven life is possible only if we don’t get stopped by our desires for instant gratification and instead work toward spiritual goals, goals that often only we can see and goals that may only be realized after many years or even after death. Jesus is talking about all this in today’s Gospel. People swarmed to him because they had eaten the bread (last week’s Gospel miracle) and wanted more. They can’t hear his spiritual message because of their desire for more bread. They want the wrong bread. “My Father gives you the true bread from heaven … I am the bread of life,” he says. We live in a culture of excess and instant gratification. Being a witness to the Lord means living differently. It does not mean no pleasure or no fun! It does mean choosing to nourish our souls consciously and consistently, as a priority, while we also enjoy life!

— Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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