amaryllisA friend gives me an amaryllis every Christmas. They bloom beautifully, though not always on Christmas — one was a Valentine amaryllis — and then die back. That’s the end of my luck with them. I put them in the basement, with some vague thought about planting the bulbs outside “someday.”

One day during Lent I was hunting for some potting soil when I noticed that one of the brown, dry bulbs had put out several leaves. They were ghostly white; there’s no light in that basement room. Oh. Okay. I put it under a window and watered it. Seven green leaves and 38 inches later, it bloomed. Spectacularly. For the Easter season.

Ah. Something that seemed to be dead had come to life. During our wintry April, spring was happening in our house. There are surprises. There are reminders. Death is not forever. There will be life; there will be spring. There will be alleluia again.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Paula Gero

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  1. Beautiful, Paula! I love the images.

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