New Year’s Super Moon

super-moonThe first two nights of the New Year were crystal clear and the first supermoon of the month was out in all its supermoon glory. I had noticed it as it rose big and full over the horizon. Several hours later, I looked out a window again and was amazed to see that the moon, which only reflects the brightness of the sun, was intense enough that it actually cast shadows on the snow. The following morning when I got up, there it was again, this time looking in my bedroom window like a benevolent spirit keeping guard. Fascinated at how the ice crystals (Jack Frost-style) on my window fractured the light of the moon and allowed the crystals to be painted with silver light, I felt it was like a special blessing for the new year. It called me to be alert to the light of God being reflected from the faces of those I meet this year, both those I know and those whom I would today call a stranger. What particular gift of God will enlighten my journey into reconciled union with others, God and creation? There are only two supermoons in 2018, but every day the faces of those around me will reflect the light of God’s goodness if I but open my eyes to see.

– Blog entry and photo by a Sister of the Precious Blood


  1. Beatrice Njeri Mwai.

    It’s beautiful and touching to see how the creation speaks to us in our daily lives. This moon and the stars you have taken a photo reminds me of the song we always sing as an exit song, the heavens are telling the glory of God. We see his greatness every day through his creation. Thank you for the good work.

  2. Beatrice Njeri Mwai.

    The heavens tell of the glory of God. By his creation and daily occurences, we are able to acknowledge his presence at all times.

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