God Moments

doorsAs I approached the double doors that always fling themselves open to welcome and invite me to continue my journey through the walkway that leads into Good Samaritan Hospital, I found myself looking through the glass at another woman who looked as confused as I felt. Clearly both of us had been propelled into a split second of wondering: “What do I do now? The doors didn’t open.” The moment passed as we looked at each other, laughed and reached for the door handle.

This split second of confusion has stayed with me for days. I’ve thought about the light moment of laughter shared with a complete stranger. I was so deep inside my own head — thoughts of yesterday, thoughts of what happened 10 minutes ago, thoughts of tomorrow, all racing through my mind like a commuter train. It took a mechanical hiccup to draw me to the present moment. A moment that connected me to another human person in a split second of laughter. How often do I drift from one moment to the next without taking the slightest notice of that moment, without any recognition of who else might be present in that moment or the circumstances that exist? I have come to recognize these moments as “God moments”! These are pure gift moments! Moments that draw me back to the now! These are moments that capture my attention, sometimes through a subtle wonder of nature, sometimes through simple but profound words of another person, and sometimes through a mechanical hiccup. These moments often stop me in my tracks, allow me to take a deep breath and appreciate what is present in my life right here and right now.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer


  1. Great reflection, Patty. I can really relate to “God Moments.”

  2. Thank you Patty that was beautiful!

  3. A friend of mine calls these Godwinks. I’m always grateful for these nudges from above to be here now. Thanks for the reminder, Patty.

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