Stinky situation!

stinky-situationThere are few things that keep me from enjoying my coffee as I ponder the Scripture of the day sitting in the beauty of our backyard. It’s a nice backyard, lots of flowers, birds and various other wildlife including a plethora of cats. Recently, I have felt like a hostage in the morning as I stand gazing at the backyard from within the house. Yes, there has been rain and yes it has been warm and a bit muggy this past week. However, these factors have never kept me in the house before. The issue is the presence of not one, not two, but three young skunks who are also drawn to the beauty of our backyard. As I gaze out the patio door, I notice all the regulars are still showing up, the cats, the birds, the squirrels and even the dog would be out there if I were not protecting her best interests. It all begs the question what would St. Francis do? I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally have never seen a painting or a statue with a skunk resting at Francis’ feet.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer


  1. I once looked at my backyard at dusk and saw a mama skunk with 3 babies following her. They were so cute: totally black with a steak of white on top of their heads. I kept my cats inside.

  2. This is awesome, Sister Pat.

  3. Kathy Fulton O'Neill

    I can relate to your situation to a degree. we have skunks living under our back porch and let us know they aren’t happy with something. right now it’s deer and mostly squirrels that are eating my little produce. caught a deer on a Sunday afternoon eating my cucumber leaves. tomatoes and cukes are vanishing as well as the buds. bought repellent and will use next year (and hope it works)

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