hawkI was walking outside when I observed a majestic red-tailed hawk soaring high above a field. It was so inspiring to watch this awesome bird glide and soar on the currents of the wind. Suddenly a tiny sparrow began to dive at the hawk and pick at it and then retreat, over and over again. I wondered why the hawk didn’t retaliate; the hawk just continued to soar. The red-tailed hawk continued to be who God created it to be; it did not stop soaring and riding the currents of wind. The hawk was not diminished or deterred in its being the creature God created it to be. That hawk gave me a wonderful insight! Why do I allow the sparrows who “pick” at me in my life to deter me from soaring or diminish me from being the creature God created me to be? With prayerful resolve, I need to embrace my inner hawk and trust the currents of wind that God graces me with in my life, regardless of the picking that I encounter from the sparrows. May each of us soar while be grow more deeply in to the creatures God has created us to be!

– Blog entry by Sister Karen Elliott

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  1. Loved this reflection! Thank you Sr. Karen and the Sisters of the Precious Blood for your inspiring blogpost/blog.

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