One day!

Spider Wort flowerThe Spider Wort plant sends up tall stocks that produce what I would call a “fist full” of tiny buds. It is my observation that each of these buds burst open to reveal a trinity of deep purple petals held together by a golden crown of pollen producing stamen. Each of these small yet magnificent flowers has only one day to share its beauty with the world. Its purpose being accomplished, it will not open again tomorrow. Each morning I see this wonder of nature and each day it brings a smile to my face, which I believe must be part of the important work it needs to accomplish. This morning as I looked at the spider wort I wondered, what if I lived each day like it was the only day I had to share the good news of the redeeming love, peace, joy, and hope of the Gospel message!

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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