Chilean chimesOur administrative offices are housed in a building about a quarter of a mile down the road from Salem Heights, the “central house” of the congregation. We are blessed to have a chapel as part of our work place where we can go to recharge in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. During one of these recharging visits my attention was drawn to the beautiful array of Chilean bells that hung beside me in the corner. One of the delicate white bells was gently, silently, swaying back and forth, most likely set in motion upon my arrival. I was struck by the simple beauty of this bell and it’s silent journey to and fro. Tho silent now, when it connects with the other bells beautiful things occur. This bell is a small yet very significant piece of this magnificent expression of art, music, and culture. Together these bells give joyful praise to the one who created them.

Each of us, like that small bell are a beautiful work of art. We each hold within us great potential to make great things happen. Like that bell, when we engage with others, together, we can create a great and resounding gong and give witness to the awesome wonder that is our Creator!

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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