Fill ‘er up!

gas-pumpI always check out gas prices as I drive along. One day I noticed the price had gone up at one station. I immediately pulled over and checked on my Gas Buddy app to see where the cheapest gas was near me. I really didn’t need it because my tank was only half empty (or maybe it was half full!). I found that the cheapest gas was back a few blocks, so I turned around to get the cheapest gas I could find. Besides that, I got an extra 3 cents off because of my loyalty card. As I was driving home after filling up with my cheap gas, I began to think about what would happen if my spiritual gas tank was half empty? Would I go to so much trouble to fill that up? I don’t even need an app to find out where the best deal is. All I need to do is go to a quiet place inside of myself to get in touch with my loving God. I can usually fill my tank pretty easily by spending some time in prayer. If my spiritual gas tank is getting towards empty I may need to plan to take a longer time of prayer to fill it back up. My loyalty card? Maybe it’s my baptismal certificate. Or maybe it’s really God’s loyalty card, because God is always loyal.

– Blog entry by Sister Ann Clark

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