Living stones

rock-cairnIn today’s Gospel, the community of John the Evangelist is struggling because Jesus seems absent. At the time he writes this Gospel, it is about 70 years since Jesus died, and many of those who knew him and shared their stories about him have also died. John gives his community words from Jesus about how he is still at work among them, preparing a place for them and continuing to be their “way” to the Father. In truth, there are many times in our human lives when we might feel the absence of God too! Great trials and tragedies of life might make us feel this way, or times of confusion or times when we feel we cannot understand God or that God is silent and not reaching out to us. The Epistle reading from the letter of Peter has a hint for us: we are not supposed to go to Church but rather we are supposed to be Church. Paul’s letters use the image of a body to describe Church but this letter uses the image of living stones being built into a living temple filled with the presence of Christ. By letting others bring the presence of Christ to us and by being Christ-bearers for others, we encounter the risen Christ who is not absent but very, very present in the midst of us!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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