A little less “mad”ness!

ud-basketball-game“March Madness” is upon us! I love college basketball. I am an alumni of a Midwest Catholic university that happens to have a strong athletic program and is part of a strong NCAA conference. From November preseason games right through the craziness of March, I follow my alma mater religiously. Occasionally I am able to actually attend a game. This was the case about a month ago. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the excitement was very high as we took our seats. Great fanfare surrounds the introduction of the teams, but this is where my spirits took a dive. We have gathered to be entertained by these young men, barely adults, who through hard work and dedication have honed their God given abilities into a fine art worthy of applause. Yet it’s not applause I hear coming from behind me but booing as the opposing players are announced.

I’ve thought about this several times since that game. Booing, I believe, is something that should be reserved for the evil villain. It wouldn’t be much of a game without the opposing team! Watching a game between two teams that are unevenly matched is not very exciting! Seems to me, watching these amazing young athletes use their physical and mental talents, that they have worked hard to develop and are able to share for my entertainment, should evoke a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God for gifts bestowed and perhaps a polite round of applause for all players, and maybe, just a little hooting and hollering for the home team! Let the games begin!

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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