Defiant and loving it …

defiantRecently I had the opportunity to fly to Ohio. I love to fly. Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated by flight. Once I wanted to be a pilot, but my dad said no.

The best part of flying is take off. This, for me, is an act of defiance as it the plane, on take off, defies gravity. Now I know there are all kinds of aeronautic and engineering reasons why the plane is able to lift into the sky. I know it has something to do with wind speed, flaps and all that. Still, the plane lifting off the ground defies gravity. And, I really like that.

I think of this when it comes to Christian living. Ever have to stand up for what you believe? Did the belief you have go against what someone else believed or wanted you to do? Ever be accused of standing against popular opinion? Being defiant can get one into trouble.

Jesus was defiant. Jesus told the rich and the righteous what they needed to do to enter God’s Kingdom. Jesus welcomed those whose hearts were open to hear his words, welcomed his touch, and proclaimed his life; often in opposition to common belief.

Our Christian life is to have the courage to be what Jesus showed us to be.

– Blog entry by Sister Terry Maher

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