A half full glass

birdsThe first words of this weekend’s readings are a lament: “the LORD has forsaken me, my LORD has forgotten me.” No matter what our situation in life, it is going to feel like that sometime! And some people have lives with much more than the average amount of suffering and difficulties. It is hard to believe God’s pledge, I will never forget you, and Jesus’ advice in the Gospel to not worry but to rely on our heavenly Father who knows what we need. Even though I have not had a particularly hard life, I tend to be a person who sees the glass as half empty! Life is never quite complete, full or perfect enough for me — and even when it is, I expect it all soon to end! Jesus tells his disciples to focus on positive things, things as small as birds of the air and lilies in a field — and to stay focused on seeking the kingdom instead of worrying about molehills in our path. What small ways can you see this week where God’s creative providence is taking care of things?

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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