Consecrated life and the Amaryllis

amaryllisThis weekend the Catholic Church celebrates the “World Day of Consecrated Life.” A day to thank God for the call that many of us have received since the early days of the Church. Women and men have lived this call in all parts of the world and in all geographic areas. Many times, we think of the beginnings in the desert, a very solitary place to be with God and give oneself totally to God’s call. But, history has showed us that consecrated women and men live in all parts of the world. Yes, now those of us called to the consecrated life might be in the busiest part of a city, in the countries where religious persecution is taking place, in monasteries in the hills, or in the abandoned country sides of third world countries. No matter where we are called to be our prayer leads us to respond in some definite way of proclaiming God’s love.

Aren’t we like the amaryllis which blooms where it is planted, maybe taking time to bloom but all the time making a difference? Today we thank God for those who have responded so generously to the call to Consecrated Life “wherever they are planted.” At the same time we pray for those who are being called, that they will respond. Maybe consecrated life is a little hidden now, maybe it is not clear to everyone how the bud will bloom, but it is blooming even though it may look different than we anticipated. Isn’t each amaryllis a little different also, but each one filled with beauty!!

– Blog entry by Sister Marita Beumer

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