What do I hoard?

hoardersWho are “kingdom people?” Our readings this 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time all describe specific behaviors and attitudes of Kingdom People, with humility perhaps being the common thread. Today, it being the “Matthew” year (cycle A), we hear his version of the beatitudes; Luke’s version is found in Lk 6:17ff. In our Congregation we have sometimes fought about whether “the poor” we are called to serve are only the materially poor. For Matthew, unlike Luke, the poor are the “poor in in spirit” – not only materially poor people but also those who may own material wealth but do not cling to it. Matthew also broadens his “blessed” list to include those who have the resources to be peacemakers, or to show mercy. For us US people, Matthew’s broader interpretation of “the poor” and other beatitudes is very important. Having things, having power, is something that goes with being a US person or a US Religious Congregation. The spiritual question is — am I a hoarder of a giver of this richness? Maybe I am generous with charitable donations, but do I hoard my time? My energy? My compassion? My forgiveness? My privacy? Good questions as we get ready to listen our readings on January 29th!

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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