Small but mighty

2008-spring-moon-025_mlsThis morning as I was getting creamer for my coffee, I was confronted with the overwhelmingly pungent odor of garlic. This aroma was coming from deep inside the meat drawer of the refrigerator. The culprit? The garlic Bologna purchased yesterday at the grocery. I love garlic but I know a little bit goes a long way!

The other night I woke up to what appeared to be a spot light shining through the window. The culprit? The moon, our natural satellite, quietly circling us thousands of miles away, yet having an impact bright enough to wake the dead! It was a beautiful sight even at three in the morning!

Two days ago, one of the Sisters I work with stopped in my office to share a story. While in the grocery she had several pleasant exchanges with a gentleman and his daughter while making her way through the store. At the checkout, she found herself in line behind this man. After another exchange, he paid for his groceries and left only to reappear minutes later, claiming that he thought he left his credit card in the card reader. As he stepped up to check, he stuck a credit card in the reader and paid for her groceries. The culprit? Paying it forward!

I thought about all these seemingly small or distant things this morning and realized that small things often have great impact. What small thing will I do today to have a positive impact on my corner of the world?

– Blog entry by Sister Patty Kremer; photo by Sister Mary Lou Schmersal

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