Time Matters

sunrise-6Urgency about the end of time pervades the readings of the First Sunday of Advent in Cycle A, the “Matthew” year. Maybe this end-of-time theme is fitting since this Sunday, not January 1, is NEW YEAR’S DAY for the Church! In the first reading, first Isaiah (there are three authors writing in the book of Isaiah) is living in the 700’s BC when Israel is threatened by the Assyrians. Paul, in the second reading, is writing around AD 58 to people who expect that Jesus will come in triumph to end history any day now! In the Gospel, Matthew is writing around AD 80 to people whose 911 was the fall of Jerusalem just 10 years earlier. Many people in our world still live “on the edge.” But what meaning does this urgent end time message have for those of us who don’t? Look at our own time! Every day is our last day – there are no do-over’s for today once it becomes yesterday. How did I live my last day? I hope to give up an hour of computer games or TV each day this Advent and instead write a letter, or pray more, or … What is your new Church year resolution?

– Blog entry by Sister Mary Garascia

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