Where are we going?

where-are-we-going_3Recently a friend and I were on our way to a meeting in another state. We put our destination in the phone and faithfully followed the directions. Finally, Siri proudly announced, “Your destination is on your left.” According to Siri, our destination was a small house sitting back off of a dirt road! Not the destination we had in mind. Upon further investigation we discovered we accidentally put in the right address, the right state, but the wrong town. As it turns out we were an hour and a half away from our real destination. That experience got me thinking. Our real destination at the end of our life is heaven. We may have a few wrong turns along the way. We may have a few wrong guides leading us. We may have some bad input. When really all we need is to have Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life as our guide. With Christ as our guide we will surely reach our real destination!

– Blog entry by Sister Ann Clark

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