Reverencing Creation

Reverencing CreationAmid the cascading waterfalls, glacier-crested mountains and the plains of Southwest Canada is the quietness of absorbing the beauty of nature in God’s creation. The burnt trees and undergrowth speak of the fires that are needed for re-seeding and re-growth. But, above all of this, is the deep respect for the First Nation people and the care for the land, the animals and the plants. All of God’s creation!!

As we traveled last summer through this beauty it was pleasantly amazing to “feel” the people’s respect for creation and the disgust they felt to see visitors who thought that they were most important. I kept asking myself, “in my everyday life how do I make room, permit the plant and animal world to thrive?” As the summer turns into fall and the season shows us dramatic changes in the Midwest, it can be a time of renewal, a time of letting us appreciate and reverence the beauty of creation. Above all, let us be renewed to be caretakers, good stewards of the environment by our daily choices.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Marita Beumer

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