Morning mystery

sunrise_2I love summer! I love morning, early morning, before daylight makes its appearance!

Coffee in hand, I make my way to the patio. It’s blessedly quiet. There in the darkness I become a silent observer of the waning moments of the nocturnal world. A small opossum makes its way along the back fence, then, as if it feels my presence it takes cover behind a large hosta.

I’m almost to the bottom of my first cup of coffee, but I know, now is not the time to get a refill. I would risk missing the pinnacle of this sacred moment. Just before daylight makes its appearance, a single note sounds, then another, and another. Suddenly, a full chorus erupts as my feathered friends call forth the light! Reluctantly, darkness releases its hold and the glory of a new day shines through.

This is the time of the day when I am most assured of the existence of God in my life. This is a Paschal Mystery moment, dying and rising. This mystery happens many times in a day, yet goes unnoticed. It’s hard to miss at 5:30 in the morning. It’s a good time to reflect on what needs to die in my life to let new life break forth.

– Blog entry and photo by Sister Patty Kremer

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