Divine presence in the mega city

chicago-highway_2Having grown up in Cincinnati I pride myself on being able to drive in the “Big City!” Well, today I found myself navigating the streets of Chicago. Welcome to driving in the “Mega City!”

I now understand why lane lines are optional on some streets in Chicago, this allows for three lanes of traffic, including cars, buses and semi-trucks to maneuver through a space big enough for two lanes of traffic. To make the drive more interesting the city occasionally throws in a bike lane for fun. Did I mention the waves of humanity moving through crosswalks? And I’m sure someone went by me on a skateboard. Oh my!

There is a certain amount of calming grace that comes from recitation of the guardian angel prayer. She was working overtime today. Divine intervention is the only explanation for survival in the “Mega City!”

-Blog entry by Sister Patty Kremer

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  1. you’re in training for driving in Guatemala, for sure!

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