Virtual candle lit for Zyi’Air Sherrer, Kato D. Knight and Todd Gomez – 2020

Zyi’Air Sherrer, Kato D. Knight and Todd Gomez – 2020

October 8, 2020

This week we are remembering 3 men who died of gunshot wounds: September 22: Zyi’Air Sherrer, 18, Fountainhead Apartments in Harrison Twp., 5600 block of N. Main St. Zyi’Air’s funeral was held on September 28. The obituary did not contain any information regarding his family. An arrest has been made. October 4: Kato D. Knight, 25, 3920 Necco Avenue. Still under investigation. October 5: Todd Gomez, 46, body found by Dayton Waste collection workers at intersection of Standford Place and Harold Drive. This also remains under investigation. In the midst of violence around our country, we are mindful of the violence within our own community. We remember these men and, while we do not yet gather at the site of their deaths, we hold them and all who mourn them in our prayers. SCRIPTURE: John 35:11 (from the raising of Lazarus) Jesus began to weep… REFLECTION: “Weeping signals that it is time to change things in life because for someone, somehow, life has become unmanageable. ‘Though all afflictions are evil in themselves, yet they are good for us because they discover to us our disease and tend to our cure,’ John Tillotson, a 17th century Archbishop of Canterbury writer. Without our tears, we have no hope of healing because we do not begin to confront the anguish.” (From Sr. Joan Chittister, National Catholic Reporter, NCR Online, 10-8-20) How does this reflection speak to me in our violent times? PRAYER: God of the sorrowing, we pray for the families and friends of Zyi’Air, Kato and Todd who have been touched by violence. May you wipe away the tears from their eyes. May those who mourn be comforted by the fact that nothing can separate them from your love. For each of these men death came as a thief in the night. We trust that they are now experiencing new life in your kingdom. From these tragedies may we find the courage and strength to confront the violence that seeks to destroy families and communities. Show your justice and mercy to those who caused the violence. Be with those who guard our communities that they may serve safely and with compassion. We make this prayer trusting in the power of Jesus Precious Blood to bring healing to our world. Amen

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