Virtual candle lit for LaVar Bagley, Sr. – 2020

LaVar Bagley, Sr. – 2020

September 20, 2020

On September 11, LaVar Bagley, Sr. died of gunshot wounds sustained in the parking lot of Napoleon’s Palace on Germantown Pike. LaVar was a cousin to one of our prayer leaders, Chelsea Millard. According to his obituary LaVar “was many things to many people.” Words used to describe him include: a blessing, a leader, funny, confident, handsome, our love and everything. He was honored as a brother, a father, a Paw Paw who leaves behind his “best friend, [his] loving and eternally devoted mother,” along with other family members, relatives and friends. His funeral was held on September 17th at First Baptist Church of Richwood Heights. We hold him and his loved ones in our prayers. SCRIPTURE Matthew 24: 36; 42; 43&44 As for the exact day or hour, no one knows it neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father only. … Stay awake, therefore! You cannot know the day your Lord is coming. Be sure of this: if the owner of the house knew when the thief was coming he would keep a watchful eye and not allow his house to be broken into. PETITIONS: Response: LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER • For LaVar that he may be experiencing the peace and joy of heaven, we pray ... • For the family and friends of LaVar. May they may have faith that they will see him again, we pray ... • For the person who took LaVar’s life that he may know both justice and mercy, we pray ... • For law enforcement personnel who seek to make our city safe often at the risk of their own lives, we pray ... • For each of us that we may do whatever we can to end the scourge of violence, we pray ... Closing Prayer: (Together) God of life, source of hope, the violence within our world, our communities, our families, indeed our very selves is destroying your creation. Make still the restless spirit within me that is self-seeking. Stir within our hearts a renewed Spirit of reverence, respect and reconciliation. In union with the Precious Blood of Jesus, give me the strength to break the cycle of violence by realizing that peace begins with each of us. Amen.

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