Virtual candle lit for Jovan Patterson and Joseph Nicholson – 2021

Jovan Patterson and Joseph Nicholson – 2021

September 30, 2021

As September comes to a close, we remember: Jovan Patterson, 31, shot to death on Sept. 2 and Joseph Nicholson, 43, shot on Sept. 26 and died of his wounds on Sept. 29. These unexpected and violent deaths leave behind grieving family and friends. The prayer offered here is given to us from Barbara Mosley of Omega Baptist Church. Heavenly Father, you said that we must not avenge ourselves, but we must leave it to the wrath of God because vengeance is yours and you will repay. (Romans 12:19) Because of your holy and righteous word, we pray for the perpetrators involved in these senseless shootings. May they seek your forgiveness. Father, we are lifting up special prayers for Javon and Joseph that their souls find rest in you. We also pray for those they left behind who mourn their loss. We ask that you provide comfort and peace of mind to their families, friends and loved ones during this time of grief and beyond. You are the God of refuge in times of trouble. Amen.

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