Virtual candle lit for Amber Smith – 2020

Amber Smith – 2020

November 6, 2020

Tragically, 25-year-old Amber Smith died violently on November 1st. She had requested that Eric Humphries, the father of their two small children, get milk for the kids. According to court records he became agitated and stabbed her multiple times. Mr. Humphries has been charged with her death. Now two small children are without mother or father. May our hearts and prayers go out to the children and all those affected by Amber’s death. This month we thank Chelsea Millard from The Potter’s House for preparing our prayer. FOR AMBER (Psalm 23: 1 and 6) The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want... Only goodness and kindness follow me all the day of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come. Lord, we give Amber back to you. Thank you for the gift of her life. May she be at peace with you, the loving Shepherd. May her memory live on in the lives of her children. Bless them and those who now care for them. FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS (Philippians 4:7 KJV) And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Lord, show Amber’s family and friends how to cast their worries, concerns and anxieties on you. Wrap them in your heavenly arms so that they may feel your love and be at peace. Lord, we pray, that as we continue to intercede on the behalf of others, we be reminded of your loving care for all who suffer the loss of loved ones, especially victims of violence. FOR THE PERPETRATOR (Wisdom 11: 22-26) But you have mercy on all... and you overlook sins for the sake of repentance. For you love all things that are and loathe nothing you have made; for you would not fashion what you hate... You spare all things because they are yours, O Ruler and Lover of souls. Lord, we know it is not your desire that anyone should perish but that all should come to know your saving grace. We lift up a prayer for the perpetrator for your mercy is great unto the heavens. Help, O Lord, and redeem for the sake of justice and mercy. CLOSING: Lord, we pray that those who lost Amber won’t be consumed with unforgiveness and anger. May they live the best life you intend for them to live here on earth. We pray that they will be able to focus on the good times and rest in their memories of Amber. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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