Justice and Peace

3-photos_justice-and-peaceLeft, a Prayer Vigil at the site of a murder in Dayton, Ohio; contributed photo. Middle, Sister Donna Liette, third from right, leads a circle of girls from the Second Chance School in Chicago; Dave Eck photo. Right, Sisters Joyce Kahle and Mary E. Wendeln march at a demonstration in Ft. Benning, Georgia, to push for the closing of the School of the Americas; contributed photo.

Standing Up For What’s Right

Real peace cannot exist without justice, and justice concerns much more than simply what’s “legal.” Justice is a matter of forming right relationships. Every day, people suffer from injustices that stem from crime, poverty, and intolerance. They struggle to find peace in a world that doesn’t treat everyone fairly and search for meaning in a social and political landscape that can’t or won’t deliver the resources, support, and guidance they need. As a reconciling, healing presence in the world, our sisters champion justice and work for peace in the areas of society that need it most. You can find Precious Blood sisters ministering in prisons and community outreach centers — anywhere they can provide counsel or assistance, and a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Justice & Peace Ministries

  • Homicide Vigils – Dayton, Ohio
  • Housing – Dayton, Ohio
  • Emergency funding for the poor
  • Prison Ministry
  • Restorative Justice/Reconciliation – Chicago, Illinois
  • Immigration Advocacy

Other Justice & Peace Links and Information

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