3-photos_educationLeft, Sister Joyce Kahle working with Sonia at the IGER adult education program in Guatemala; middle, Sister Marifé Hellman working with students from the School for Mayan Women in Guatemala; contributed photos. Right, working in small groups, students in medical ethics class process case studies. Here Sister Karen Elliott listens to an animated discussion of ethical pros and cons in a difficult case. Pat Morrison photo

When the Sisters of the Precious Blood came to America in 1844, education – of German immigrants – was our first mission. That focus continued as we taught in rural areas and inner cities, Catholic and public schools, elementary and secondary institutions, and universities. We believe that educating our sisters and brothers, young and old, lifts people from poverty, fosters understanding among cultures, inspires innovation, and opens opportunities. In and out of the classroom, we continue to be educators today.

Education Ministries

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