Campaign Nonviolence

campaign-nonviolenceJohn Dear, Catholic priest, longtime peace activist and, more recently, a global warming warrior, has recently published a book, They Will Inherit the Earth: Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change.

He weaves together concepts from the Sermon on the Mount, Laudato Si, building peace and nonviolence. He sees a need for a global movement to create a culture of peace and nonviolence. Campaign Nonviolence is such a group. This group launched a National Week of Action consisting of marches, rallies, vigils, fasts and festivals across our nation.

2014   Sept. 21-27   238 group actions took place
2015   Sept. 20-27   370 group actions took place
2016   Sept. 18-24   758 group actions took place
2017   Sept. 16-24   1,600 group actions took place
2018   Sept. 15-23   ?????

What action can we do to participate in this? The PJE committee meets Friday, August 3, and this will be on the agenda. If you have any suggestions, send them to Colleen Kammer.

By Sister Martha Bertke

Assembly Directive: Continue to articulate and integrate our Spirituality

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