Brunner Literacy Center, Dayton

In 2010, two Sisters of the Precious Blood, Sisters Helen Weber and Maryann Bremke, both long-time educators, entertained a dream of establishing a literacy center in the northwest corner of Montgomery County. The literacy need among this underserved population is critical. Father William O’Donnell, pastor of Dayton Precious Blood Parish, supported the Sisters’ dream and offered the use of an empty retail building that had been previously donated to the Parish. The dream took shape rapidly.

Every day at the Center, volunteers put learning tools into the hands of adult learners. Established in 2011 to improve literacy in Dayton, The Brunner Literacy Center relies heavily on the generous donations of corporations, foundations, and private individuals. With this financial help, the administrators, staff and volunteers work to fulfill the Center’s mission of helping adults learn to read, write, compute, and learn English as a new language. Tutoring and other services, including books and materials are provided to our students without charge.

Our Vision – Empowering adults to reach their literacy potential.

Our Mission – The Brunner Literacy Center is a welcoming place for adults to reach their educational dreams.

Our Beliefs – Administrators, staff and volunteer tutors are committed to the following beliefs:
That literacy is a basic human right;
That literacy improves quality of life;
That literacy diminishes misery and imparts hope;
That each person is worthy of being treated with privacy and dignity;
That personal relationships are critical to learning;
That everyone deserves a chance to achieve success in learning;
That literate adults enrich family and community.

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