Sister Barbara Ann Hoying

My ministry at Maria Stein Shrine
sr-barbara-ann-hoying_bar-coding-009The Sisters of the Precious Blood came to Maria Stein in 1846. For 170 continuous years the Sisters have been serving the faith needs of neighbors and of “pilgrims” (approximately 25,000 annually) and of staff (currently 17 employees and regular, weekly volunteers) guided by the desire to provide a place of Peace, Prayer, and Hospitality.

Five years ago when I determined it was time to slow down, I retired and stayed on as a volunteer. It delights me that I can continue ministry under the guiding principle of Peace, Prayer and Hospitality. I take great joy in being able to be an on-going presence of the Sisters of the Precious Blood at the Shrine.

I spend part of most days each week at the Shrine. While there I regularly conduct group tours of the Relic Chapel, the Eucharistic Chapel and the Museum. I am on the rotation of receptionists answering phones and greeting guests. I observe an Hour of Adoration once per week in the Eucharistic Chapel. Once weekly I close the chapels at the end of the day. Closing involves collecting candle money, moving lit candles and supplying fresh ones for the next day’s visitors, and locking doors and turning out lights. Most of my time at the Shrine is given to listening with heart and ear — casually as guests and staff indicate a need to be heard, and formally as a spiritual director for up to twelve monthly “clients.” I always feel prayerful, peaceful and welcoming when I am at the Shrine. I hope to do this for many more years.

Another weekly volunteer thing I do is visit the local nursing home in Minster. This involves going from room to room visiting residents, conversing with and often praying with them.


Sister Florence Seifert

My volunteer ministry
sr-florence-seifert_pb048I am retired.  My volunteer ministry involvement primarily revolves around membership on Boards and Committees:

  • Maria Stein Shrine Board, Investment Committee (Chair) and Finance Committee
  • Brunner Literacy Center Board, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee
  • CPPS Mission Fund Committee (now Board of the CPPS Heritage Fund Board)
  • CPPS Investment Advisory Committee

Much work is involved before and after Board and Committee meetings, especially as Chair of two committees.

I also volunteer at BLC in tracking the expenditures for restricted grants.

I have no “typical day” in reference to ministry. I do prepare the evening meal for Sister Barb Brown and me and this involves preparing many fresh vegetables which we get from Sister Barb’s garden or from her brothers. Much summer/fall work includes preserving (canning and freezing) fresh vegetables.



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