Sisters act to oppose the death penalty

Ohioans To Stop Executions (OTSE) is an organization founded in 1988, with the purpose to end the use of the death penalty in Ohio, through education and advocacy. Recently they invited many people to join fellow abolitionists on Thursday, March 21, for Postcard Delivery Day.

After meeting at the ACLU office in Columbus, participants and other members of the No Death Penalty Ohio Coalition planned to deliver over 1,500 handwritten postcards to Ohio legislators at the Statehouse.

When I received this invitation, immediately I sent an email to OTSE and asked if they could provide postcards. The next day, a message came to me from Ignite Peace (formerly Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center), another group, based in Cincinnati, which educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust systems and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. They agreed to send me 60 postcards.

Sister Jeanette Buehler assisted me with encouraging the Sisters and others at Salem Heights to complete a card. For those who wanted to, all they needed to do was simply follow the instructions on the card and sign their name. Nearly 50 cards were signed within a few short days. These were sent to Ignite Peace and then delivered to Columbus.

On Postcard Delivery Day, Thursday, March 21, 1,688 cards were taken to the offices of 89 legislators. It is the sincere hope that, through the efforts of these organized groups, Sisters of the Precious Blood and many individuals, the death penalty in the state of Ohio will be abolished.

— Story by Sister Martha Bertke

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