Precious Blood communities honored at World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is celebrated annually within the Catholic Church on the second to last Sunday of October. Established by Pope Pius XI in 1926, World Mission Sunday is an opportunity for every Catholic Church community worldwide to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters living in mission territories and to recognize the common responsibility for evangelization of the world.

Pope Francis invites us to set our hearts ablaze with faith and put our faith into action, serving God’s mission with joy, enthusiasm and tireless dedication. He encourages us not only to feel the faith but to act on it. It’s our mission to move, serve and spread the Good News, bringing God’s love and peace to all His children.

Each year, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, under the direction of Mike Gable, director of the Mission Office, has a special celebration. This year it was held Sunday, October 22, at Holy Redeemer Church in New Bremen, Ohio. A Mass to celebrate our multicultural Church was offered at 3 p.m. with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr as the presider and Father Jeff Kirch, C.PP.S., provincial director of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, as the homilist.

Prelude music was provided by the Filipino and Vietnamese communities of the archdiocese. The Scripture readings and the prayers of the faithful were read in several languages to represent the richness in diversity of the people of God and the unity in the Body of Christ. The collection at this Mass will support missionary efforts in various countries.

At the conclusion of the liturgy, recognition was given to parish twinning relationships, that is, parishes in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati who “twin” with a parish or group in another country.

Also recognized were the Precious Blood Sisters, priests and brothers for their many, many years of service to the northern area of the archdiocese and their missionary spirit around the world.

Following immediately after the Mass, all were invited to enjoy a delicious meal in the parish hall and to continue the spirit of caring for one another.

Thirteen Precious Blood Sisters were present for the liturgy and prayed for all missionaries throughout our world. They were delighted at the wonderful meal which was provided and the enjoyable time conversing with other people.

— Story by Sister Martha Bertke

The following Precious Blood Sisters, who are living, served in Chile and Guatemala:


Sister Regina Albers — 1969-1981, 12 years

Sister Marita Beumer — 1966-1976, 10 years

Sister Noemi Flores — 1964-present, 59 years

Sister Mary Faye Hellman — 1978-1985, 7 years

Sister Edna Hess — 1977-1990, 1992-2003, 2012-2019, 31 years

Sister Rita Manriquez — 1992-present, 31 years


Sister Mary Faye Hellman — 1989-2021, 32 years

Sister Joyce Kahle — 2015-present, 8 years

Sister Terry Walter — 1995-2009, 2015-present, 22 years

Sister Margo Young — 1995-2007, 12 years

CPPS Sisters arrived in Chile in 1956 and have been in ministry in Chile for 67 years. At present, two Sisters live and serve in Chile: Noemi Flores and Rita Manriquez.

CPPS Sisters arrived in Guatemala in 1988 and have been in ministry in Guatemala for 35 years. At present, two Sisters live and serve in Guatemala: Joyce Kahle and Terry Walter.

Sisters Regina Albers, Marita Beumer, Edna Hess and Mary Faye Hellman live in Dayton. Sister Margo Young lives in California.

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