Inside the CPPS Archives – Sister Sisters

This column showcases different artifacts or documents from the CPPS Archives in each issue of Sharing & Caring.

Throughout the history of the Congregation, there have been over 100 groups of “Sister sisters” — Sisters who are blood sisters. Here are three examples.

The Jaeger Sisters
Sisters Mary Friedburga, Mary Renata and Mary Rudolpha were born near Tettnang in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Sister Mary Rudolpha professed final vows in March 1909, Sister Mary Friedburga in August 1920 and Sister Mary Renata in August 1922.

Sister Mary Rudolpha worked as a seamstress at Maria Stein and Salem Heights for almost 60 years before retiring in 1966. Sister Mary Friedburga taught in Wapakoneta and Cloverdale and at St. Joseph Orphanage in Dayton. She was the directress at St. Joseph Orphanage for over 10 years before becoming directress and administrator at Maria Stein. She was instrumental in beginning the Maria Stein Retreat House. Sister Mary Renata taught in Ohio, Arizona and Missouri for over 60 years. When she retired, she translated German documents into English in the CPPS Archives.

The Wagner Sisters
Sisters Viola and Mary Regina Wagner were both born in New Riegel, Ohio, and they professed final vows at Maria Stein Convent on the same day, July 31, 1900. Throughout their teaching careers, they taught in Ohio in Dayton, St. Marys, Wapakoneta, Maria Stein, Versailles, Cleveland, Ottawa, Bellefontaine, Cincinnati, Norwood, Miamisburg and Russia; in Tennessee in Nashville; and in Indiana in La Porte, Garrett and Wanatah.

The Griesey Sisters
Sister Mary Seraphine Griesey was born in Pulaski, Indiana, in 1899. After joining the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1915, she taught in Ohio schools for almost 50 years, including in Cleveland, Dayton, Wapakoneta, Coldwater, Russia, Minster, North College Hill, Cincinnati and St. Marys. Beginning in 1963, she taught the high school girls at Fatima Hall how to sew.

Sister Rose (Mary Concetta) Griesey was also born in Pulaski in 1908. She joined the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1926 and served as a cook and in the domestic arts in Ohio, including in Cincinnati, Dayton, Wapakoneta, Celina, St. Marys, Canton and Maria Stein. Her last ministry before retirement was as cook at St. Anthony in Falls Church, Virginia, where she stayed for 10 years.

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— Story by Sarah Aisenbrey; photos from the CPPS Archives collection.

Top, Sisters Mary Renata Jaeger (left), Mary Rudolpha Jaeger (middle) and Mary Friedburga Jaeger (right). Second, Sisters Viola Wagner (right) and Mary Regina Wagner. Bottom, Sisters Mary Seraphine Griesey (right) and Sister Rose (Mary Concetta) Griesey.

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