In Brief

Precious Blood Sisters have been busy with a variety of recent events. In all that we do, we strive to continue to fulfill our mission to proclaim God’s love by being a life-giving, reconciling presence in our fractured world.

September — Since 1958, the Sisters of the Precious Blood have displayed a Nativity scene by Robert Koepnick, who served as the head of the sculpture department at the Dayton Art Institute for nearly 40 years. This past fall, our Council gifted the Nativity to the University of Dayton, where most of Koepnick’s art is held. The general public will now have more opportunities to view this work of art.

September 15Sisters Pauline Siesegh and Rita Rogier and Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator Jen Morin-Williamson attended the 15th anniversary celebration of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking. The organization is a powerhouse in combating human trafficking, especially in the Cleveland area. Their services span from victim support and community education to legislative influence.

September 18 — For the second year in a row, the Congregation co-sponsored “Light in the City,” which wrapped up the free summer concert series at Levitt Pavilion in downtown Dayton. Sister Judy Niday and Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator Jen Morin-Williamson enjoyed the beautiful outdoor weather, a wonderful dinner and uplifting music from Christian artist Blessing Offor.

September 22 — The Office for Mission and the Pontifical Mission Societies of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati honored Sister Regina Albers for her years of missionary service in Chile, as well as her work with the Hispanic community here in the U.S. The Mission Office hosted a recognition party at the Do Good Restaurant in Osgood, Ohio.

September 24 — A group of Sisters and congregational staff members worked together to advocate for The SOAP Project (Save our Adolescents from Prostitution). They assembled information packets about human trafficking and distributed them to area hotels. The packets also contained soap and makeup removers labeled with the national human trafficking hotline number.

October 4Sister Patty Kremer and Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator Jen Morin-Williamson attended a prayer service honoring this year’s Archdiocese of Cincinnati Laudato Si Communities, St. Leo the Great Parish in Cincinnati and St. Peter in Chains Parish and School in Hamilton. The Sisters of the Precious Blood were honored as a Laudato Si Community in 2018.

October 6Sister Marie Kopin received the 2022 Bob Ball Award from the Chippewa (Michigan) Watershed Conservancy “for her tireless advocacy for the natural world.” Sister Marie wrote, “This is a work I fully enjoy. Not only is it ‘family heritage’ for me, but a chance to be in God’s outdoors with friends.”

October 13 — A representative from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters visited Salem Heights, our central house in Dayton. About 25 Sisters and staff attended to learn more about issues on the ballot in Montgomery County and pick up a copy of the organization’s voter’s guide.

October 15Sisters Mary Garascia and Nancy Kinross attended the celebration at St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish for consecrated Jubilarians of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Archbishop Schnurr celebrated Mass and attendees enjoyed a luncheon together.

October 18 — The Congregation co-sponsored a nonpartisan “Meet the Candidates Night” at Omega Baptist Church in Dayton. All Democratic and Republican candidates for over 20 state, county, judicial and Congressional district offices were invited to attend ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

October 28John Buehler was honored on his upcoming retirement after 15 years as music director for the Congregation. The Sisters wish John all the best — and they welcome Jim Butler, who now serves as music and liturgy coordinator. Thank you both!

NovemberNovice Sister Juliana Wuur sends regular updates from the intercongregational collaborative novitiate program she is attending in Chicago. “Everyone who visits this new community is impressed by how we come from different ethnic groups and different congregations and are able to collaborate together,” she wrote in a recent message. “We have a busy schedule but it’s preparing us to meet the needs of the world today.”

December 9Sister Margo Young and Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator Jen Morin-Williamson attended the dedication of a new Habitat for Humanity home in the area. Sister Margo was honored to present the house keys to homeowners Hakizayezu and Primi-Safari Daniel and their three children.

Top, Nativity scene by Robert Koepnick; Michelle Bodine photo. Second, Sister Pauline Siesegh, Jen Morin-Williamson and Sister Rita Rogier at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking; contributed photo. Third, Sister Judy Niday (far right) at the “Light in the City” concert; Jen Morin-Williamson photo. Fourth, Sister Regina Albers (second row, fourth from left) at the recognition party at Do Good Restaurant; fifth, Peg Birkemeyer along with Sisters Mary Ann Mozser, Alene Hirsch and Rita Rogier assembled information packets for the SOAP Project; sixth, Jen Morin-Williamson and Sister Patty Kremer at the prayer service for Laudato Si Communities; seventh, Bob Ball Award recipient Sister Marie Kopin holds her award with CWC President Marilyn Fosburg and Executive Director Mike LeValley; eighth, Sisters Mary Garascia and Nancy Kinross at the celebration for consecrated Jubilarians of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati; contributed photos. Ninth, Meet the Candidates flyer; tenth, John Buehler speaks during his retirement party; Michelle Bodine photo. Eleventh, Sister Juliana Wuur at the intercongregational collaborative novitiate program Christmas celebration; contributed photo. Bottom, Sister Margo presents the house keys to the new homeowners; Jen Morin-Williamson photo.

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