Inside the CPPS Archives – Sisters and the Eucharist

This column showcases different artifacts or documents from the CPPS Archives in each issue of Sharing & Caring.

Since the founding of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1834, the Congregation’s devotion to the Precious Blood through the Eucharist has been central to their ministries and prayer lives. The photos here depict the Sisters being Eucharistic ministers or preparing for Mass. They also use artwork to express their devotion to the Eucharist — a few of those pieces are also depicted here.

1)   Sister Bernice Krieg (M. Erwin) holding an incense bowl at a Mass at Salem Heights in the 2000s.

2)   Sister Rosalina Gonzales (Maria Corona) distributing Communion in Chile in 1975.

3)   A drawing by Sister Eileen Tomlinson (M. Cephas) commemorating the Feast of Corpus Christi.

4)   Sisters Virginia Beene (M. De Lellis) and Madonna Winkeljohn (M. Irenaea) prepare for a Mass in 1999.

5)   Sister Jeannine Kloeker (M. Leo Mary) distributes Communion to Sister M. Armella Schoenlein, an Emma Hall resident in the 2000s.

6)   Sister Mary Anne Westerheide prepares the altar for the Sisters’ celebration of 25 years of ministry in Chile in 1982.

7)   Sisters Mary Anne Schiller (M. Carmela) and M. Cleophas Schumacher bring the gifts to the priest at their 60th Jubilee Mass in 2007.

8)   A drawing by Sister Rosemary Laux (M. Columba) depicting the Eucharist with the caption, “Do this in memory of me.”

9)   Sister Eleanor McNally (M. Thomas) prepares to receive the Blood of Christ at a celebration Mass at Salem Heights in 2003.

10) A drawing by Sister M. Cordelia Gast commemorating the Feast of Corpus Christi.

— Story by Sarah Aisenbrey; photos from the CPPS Archives collection.

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