In Sympathy

We offer sympathy and prayer to Sisters of the Precious Blood and friends who have recently lost family members to death.

Margaret (Mouzin) Robbeloth, former Sister M. George (class of 1950), died Sept. 29, 2022.

Marilyn (Schwieterman) Moeder (class of 1951 aspirancy) died Feb. 5.

Jaclyn “Jackie” (Kerns) Monahan (class of 1959 aspirancy and postulancy) died Feb. 5.

Audrey (Schumaker) Ruthman, former Sister Alicine (class of 1949), died Feb. 20.

Sister Mary Ellen Andrisin (deceased) on the death of her brother, Jack Andrisin, on Feb. 28.

Sheena McCormick, administrator of Salem Heights, on the death of her brother, John, on March 17.

Sister Teresa Monnin (deceased) and Lucy Oen (former Sister Lucy Monnin) on the death of their sister-in-law, Barbara Monnin, on March 22.

Joan Dunn, former Sister Paul Ann, died March 28.

Sister Barbara Ann Hoying on the death of her brother-in-law, Ralph Guggenbiller, on April 1.

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