EVs “spark” our interest!

In May, Sisters had the opportunity to go for a spin in an electric vehicle and learn more about different types of EVs, as well as the technology behind them. Drive Electric Dayton visited Salem Heights, our central house in Dayton, on May 6 and shared information, as well as their passion for the many environmental and health benefits of EVs over internal combustion engine vehicles.

For example, their team shared that the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. comes from transportation — and the largest contributor to global climate change is fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, which contribute over 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions. EVs, on the other hand, produce no carbon dioxide emissions and do not require oil changes.

Drive Electric Dayton also debunked some common myths about EVs. For example, it’s a common misperception that EVs are not any more environmentally friendly than gas-powered vehicles. But we learned that electric motors convert 75% of the chemical energy from the batteries to power the wheels and emit no direct tailpipe pollutants, while internal combustion engines convert only 20% of the energy stored in gasoline — allowing the other 80% to escape through the tailpipe.

Our Congregation has been recognized as a Laudato Si community by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, meaning that we are a community committed to caring for our common home, the Earth. We continue to look to Laudato Si as our guiding light in living out those principles.

All of us are stewards of God’s amazing and wonderful creation — and as Catholic Christians, we hold this joy and responsibility close to our hearts. We are all called to care for the Earth so that others can enjoy this beautiful gift just as we have. And we look forward to learning more about electric vehicles as one way we can continue to do that.

Story by Mary Knapke and Peace, Justice and Ecology Coordinator Jen Morin-Williamson

Correction: the article “Abundant Blessings: Our Ministry in Guatemala” on Page 10 of our previous issue, Winter 2023, misstated the timing of Sister Mary Faye Hellman’s arrival in Guatemala. According to our archives, she arrived a month after Sister Rosalina Gonzales, not a few years later. We apologize for the error.

Top, Sisters Judy Niday, Jane Francis Hoffman and Mary E. Wendeln speak with Rap Hankins and members of Drive Electric Dayton; bottom, Sister Edna Hess checks out a new Tesla; Jen Morin-Williamson photos.

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